Walking On Sunshine – A Destination Wedding Photography Experience

Ah Kym and Brian…how do I sum up a week of laughing, early mornings, late nights and random Mexico stories? I think you said it all the day of your wedding Kym, I completely and utterly felt like a friend being with you guys. You guys arestunning, and it was worth every single sand flea bite for the shots I got, even if we only had 45 minutes. Thank you guys so much for bringing me with you to share your amazing day. I was so sad to leave because I had made such great friends. Both of your families took me in like one of their own (Special shout out to Erin, Amy, Sherri and Floyd!!). I will forever remember this trip and feel so blessed to have been there. Wishing you both eternal happiness.

Destination Wedding Photography_00001.jpg
Destination Wedding Photography_00002.jpg
Destination Wedding Photography_00003.jpg
Destination Wedding Photography_00004.jpg

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