a smile that can light up even the darkest room | edmonton lifestyle photographer |

Nancy and I had been talking for what seemed like years about her session. I felt very blessed that she would make the long trip up to work with me. Nancy came from Calgary for the afternoon, where she met up with Ashly of In Your Face Makeup Artistry (SHE IS AMAZING PEOPLE). Ashly dolled her up and then we proceeded out to a spot I have used before but love dearly for all it offers. Nancy wanted photos of herself, and I wanted to showcase the beautiful woman she is. Nancy you put up with me singing and humming the same song for over an hour, insanely hot temperatures, you were devoured by mosquitos and you still managed to put on a smile for each and every photo. You took direction so well and you were a breeze to photograph. You are naturally beautiful and with just hints of makeup, it made you truly shine. Thank you for coming up, I had such a blast and adore all of your images!


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