all because two people fell in love

I never would have thought when I graduated high school that some day I would be photographing one of my classmates. Desiree and I grew up together in Hinton, Alberta, and it was simply an honour to get to be apart of her and Cody’s big day down in Mexico. I remember walking through the airport seeing so many faces from my past. There was the girl I played volleyball with, hey there is that guy who was friend’s with my brother and yep, pretty sure I rode the bus with that guy. It was surreal but so amazing at the same time. There is nothing more special than seeing so many people from one of the greatest times of your life – personally high school was a riot, and then photographing their wedding. It was just special – it is so hard to describe!

This couple is your definition of love. You see it in their body language, and you know the way their friends act that this was just a matter of time. Both of you are beautiful people inside and out it made my job so easy. Desiree you were such a stunning bride, easy going and laid back. You were breath taking on your wedding day – everything seemed just perfect. Thank you to everyone at the wedding for treating me like a guest, it was so nice to see so many of you again, to see relationships form and even meet your new families. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The hardest part was being able to only pick a few photos to share with you from this wedding. Thank you guys for the amazing week filled with some great memories. Wishing you both so much happiness!


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