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This shoot is an old one. Yep, the snow will date me.
Sadly – as much as I LOVE to do conceptual work – with the amount of weddings that hit this past spring I had to postpone being able to edit them – our paying clients always come first. HOWEVER there comes a point where I can’t wait anymore and I have to sit down and edit to my hearts content. These images were something special. It was one of the first shoots I completely stylized on my own – which is so incredibly outside of my comfort zone. I have wanted to incorporate glitter into a shoot for so long. Thankfully I had a kick-butt assistant with wicked glitter-throwing skills, and a model who worked with a WAY too short dress in the middle of the park. Granted – the dress should’ve fit better.

We went in with nothing more than a vision, a reflector and a ton of glitter. We left with soaked and frozen feet, a ring of glittery snow and some epic images. Granted these are very far from what I normally photograph (romantic, glow-y and bright) however I love tapping into the fantasy side of my brain. Hope you guys enjoy!

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