Back To Basics – Edmonton Lifestyle Photography Session

Danica and I have a long friendship going of model and photographer – and every time we join forces again it honestly is magic. Danica is ALWAYS there for me when I need a session to just help me get back to the basics. No worrying about bridesmaids, groomsmen, blistering sun or chilling wind – the only thing I worry about is my camera and model. Danica is beautiful, there is no denying it. I love being able to tell her the vision in my head, and we are able to mesh so well that she knows exactly what I’m after. I can stop by her beautiful studio and she shows me two options, and she trusts me as a photographer to make the right choice. These photos did wonders for me, after a very long wedding season in 2010 I need another chance to just work with a familiar face, give little direction and just simple photograph someone. Danica helped me deliver. The first time Danica and I worked together we went for a very simple idea, ‘Snow White’, which quickly turned into Little Red Riding Hood meets Snow White. It had many similarities as this shoot, curly simple hair, a white shirt and black skirt, finished off with a ‘whole-lotta-woman’ black heels. What can I say? I absolutely love these images. Danica, until our next shoot I cannot wait – a hint at what we’re shooting next? These simple words sum it up, ‘ A photograph can speak a thousand words ‘ . Enjoy!

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