Breanne+Torstein | edmonton engagement photographer |

Meet two people who have been destined to get married since they first met. The way she laughs when he holds her, the way he’ll do a 2 hour engagement session just to make her happy. Breanne is my beautiful little cousin, who isn’t that little anymore who is all grown up and marrying one of the kindest, and sweet men out there. Breanne has modelled for me before way back in the day and so I think this whole session just came natural to her, and Torstein just always looks that good!

Congratulations to you both on a marriage that I think the whole family knew was coming, literally, it was just a matter of time. Breanne I know you’ll make one of the most beautiful brides, especially since your gene pool is so strong (haha). Torstein you’re marrying one of the most brilliant, considerate and talented women alive, I know that you already know this, but I want to be one of the first to say, welcome to our family! So happy for you both! (Torstien your ‘Dump It’ photo will be on the disc!)

As for the photos I loved the images in front of the white flowered bush, as it reminds me so much of vintage film. I loved seeing the different textures achieved using the light at different angles. Enjoy!

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