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One of the most difficult parts of being an artist is the constant need and desire to create, imagine and build. I recently traveled to Shreveport Louisiana to learn from a photography company who has some of the most beautiful work I have ever stumbled across. This workshop sparked something in my creative mind, something which I truly don’t think I could explain, and it was an experience that I could not have put a price tag on.

To be able to walk out to a soaked field of dew, foggy horizons, and a model who literally radiates and take photos of this is pure bliss to me. I can honestly say all I had to do was push a button and frame a photo. It felt like Brytny was literally dancing to a song you couldn’t hear. It felt like I had rose thousands of feet to the heavens and stumbled across an angel, with paper wings.

I may sound sappy, even half crazy – but inspirational experiences, like this are like food for my soul. It has been so hard to cull images down to my favourites – but I hope you truly enjoy what I picked as my favourites. This is only the first of a few mini sessions I have built.



Three Nails Workshop – Louisiana, USA
Bride – Brytny Marquez
Groom – Kiley Grant
Dress –  Miss Tashina
Hair & Makeup – Ashleigh Runge at Total Changes Hair Salon
Photo Styling – Three Nails Workshop

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