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I cooked this idea up when Kerri came down to Edmonton for one of my boudoir marathons. It has always fascinated me how many talented artists there are in the world – even photographers who would do anything to just be paid for their passion. How many artists truly make it to the world stage and are able to share their gift? Not many. How many photographers start and give up? Dancers who will give it their whole heart year after year and eventually  have to give it up because they reach a point where they can go no further. I believe we live in a sad world where so many talented artists are forced to give up their dreams so that they can change direction to make a living for themselves the ‘right’ way. I wish every artist had the means to fund their dreams, and grant them the same opportunity as everyone else gets. To see talent given up on is horrible. I remember when I began taking photos, someone told me, “Don’t worry, you’ll get a real job some day” and it shocked me to hear this. It was this theory about artists and musicians that lead me to give up my first dream of being an illustrator. Sadly so few make it to where they can make it their full time job.

Those thoughts and experience truly inspired this session. If you are wondering why it was shot down town Edmonton, it is to symbolize how so many small town, talented individuals will always travel to the big city where we believe opportunity will be plentiful.
Kerri can dance, she can sing, she can compose and she is a stunning actress. She played the role of this shoot so well. Thank you for acting out the vision in my head Kerri, as always it was a blast working with you.






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