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Ashley and Martin are what spurred the idea of making the trip to Banff for a weekend of shooting. They got engaged in Banff –  it was so fitting.
Banff is one of my favourite places on earth and it’s hard not to find a spot that is beautiful, secluded and quiet – except on July long weekend.

Insert photographer groaning noise.

The weekend was incredibly busy but we some how managed to get some shots with no one in the background. We actually shot this whole engagement session while a wedding was going on maybe 10 meters from us. The great part was they were totally okay with it and the local photographer was down with us being so close and sharing his spot.

Not much to say about this couple, because the photos say so much. Ashley and Martin are severely in love – and it was so much fun being able to capture that. It was simply magical. I loved that every time he had to squeeze her close he would get this cute smile. Ashley – girl – YOU GOT SOME BABY BLUES!! I can’t WAIT for your guys’ wedding day.


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