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Jenny volunteered for a Trash The Dress session which myself and Elizabeth of Elizabeth Van Der Bij photography were putting together. I wanted a girl who was a bit edgier than what I normally work with – as I normally work with very long haired models, very commercial. Jenny had it all, from the strong features, the different hair, it was shorter and she had attitude – it was everything I could have asked for and more. She seriously made this session work from the start to end – it was so nice to work with such a dedicated model. Absolutely loved it.

We travelled out to a sweet house I had found and was amazed at what we found in it. There is nothing cooler (in my opinion) than being in a home you know has been lived in before. We saw the different wallpapers that were put up by each different owner – it was just a surreal place and held a lot of cool energy inside of it. It was fun to watch the photos unfold and see the story that went with it. I love seeing how you guys, the fans, interpret the images and you tell your own story.

Needless to say I have fallen in love with this set of photos so many times because each time I see and notice something different.


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