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Honestly – this session ended up with over 290 images – which is really really high for even me. I couldn’t help it though – I love these photos. From the boots, to the outfits to just the two super hot people I got to photograph.

What I crave most out of photos is emotion. That might sound odd – but truthfully – there is nothing I enjoy more than working with people who are willing to show how vulnerable they are by showing their true emotions. It is rare to find a couple who can just be so into themselves, and just ignore a camera in their face. Jaquie and Brad – what can I say you really managed to. Jaquie you got a little mouthy (haha) near the end but honestly Hun – you a photographers dream. The way you two could look at each other, and move together and just LOVE one another sent chills down my spine – going through the photos it was exciting and I edited these all in record time.

Everything went perfect for this session – okay, the mosquitos were a major joy kill – but when you can spend 3 hours with a couple – you know there is something special there.

I have worked with Jaquie 3 times now and am very excited for the 4th. I feel so blessed to be working with someone so beautiful inside and out.

Photographer Gurus: this session was shot with all natural light, lenses used were the 70-200 2.8, 85 1.2 and the 16-35 2.8





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