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This blog post starts as a story. A very real story. If you don’t believe it, ask the other three people who went through it as well.

I was determined to do something different for this trash the dress session. I was so lucky because I had this couple who was game for anything. I was inspired and was going to find this couple a cenote. A cenote is an underwater cavern. This particular cavern was about 30 minutes outside of Cancun.

Bring in the amazing man Javier. I met Javier when I was in Mexico when he took me to visit the orphanage. He grew up in the USA and spent a few years in Canada which means he speaks amazing English. This man is a blessing to my life and I am so happy to have him.

Javier was the one who picked us up to take us on our Grand Mexican Adventure. It started off a little – strange. When Javier picked us up we were surrounded by the local Taxi Mafia and they were upset that Javier came and picked us up. It was a little frightening but luckily Javier spoke perfect Spanish and got us out of there. So we were finally off to the cenote! We were driving for about half a hour when suddenly I noticed a car in front of us start to slow down, and suddenly a car speeds by and pulls in behind us, speeding up, so essentially we are being boxed in and being forced to pull over. I honestly thought I was in a James Bond movie and needless to say we were all a little nervous. Our heart rate was drastically going up. Turns out in Mexico the roads require permits. They wanted money from Javier. We got away!

Off to the cenote, still, and we are driving down a road that is not made for anything other than a 4×4 truck. We took our small Nissan car down the road. As we listened to the car bottoming out, scraping off rocks we all laughed nervously, ‘ha….haa…haaa…’, and all we could pray and hope for was that this cenote was AMAZING – just like the picture! We pull into the yard of the cenote and there is a man standing there with a machete and a shot-gun. This is where my heart literally stopped, and I thought I was going to die. Turns out buddy was just shooting at the eagles that were trying to eat his chicken…’ha…haaa…ha…’. The cenote sucked. Was non existent. Back down the rough, non-existent road. ‘Haaa…ha….ha…haaaa’.

We are finally back on the road. We are all laughing in the car, saying it can’t get worse can it? Nope, bad things happen in three so we’re fine. It’s starting to get dark though which is stressing me out hardcore. We hit the jack pot when we find a cenote with a) a road and b) it’s real! We shot as quickly as we could. We battled the setting sun, mosquitos and some very high water levels. The results? Monumental.

So we shot, we laughed, we cheered ourselves to an awesome day with some great memories. Paul had to miss his fishing trip with the boys, but we had him convinced – pretty sure the guys didn’t have the same dramatic day we did. We tried to make him feel good at least. On our way home it’s dark – and anyone who has been to Mexico knows that when it’s dark it’s pitch black. We are driving along and merging into the exit when I notice that there is a bus to our right, and a 2.5 foot high concrete meridian on our left – the bus is literally pinching us out. SQUEAL.CRASH.SWEAR-WORDS.

It was the first accident I have ever been in. It was scary, but thankfully everyone was okay. I knew I was in shock when the first concern I had was my camera equipment. We all got back to the hotel, and was so happy when Gen’s Dad was there to give us hugs. There is no better thing in this world than a hug from a Dad.

Story over, it was epic. I didn’t die, not yet – and these photos left a lasting impression professionally, and on my heart rate.


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