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Melanie and I met up so I could work on breaking out of my wedding-photography mould. I still love wedding photography, but after having met with a local fashion photographer I was shown how fashion photography is not as easy as it looks. There are no rules essentially, and your goal is to sell that garment, look or style. I watched as he pointed out what he saw within the photos which I never once had seen. It was amazing having someone so experienced and talented show you how they saw an image, without me just ‘looking’ at it. This was my first attempt at different posing, using different light and pushing my boundaries, as simple as not putting my photo into the rule of thirds, but rather using my model to FILL my frame.

Secondly, was looking at how fashion photographers edit and light. They light and edit so it appears there was absolutely nothing done at all. It sounds confusing, but there is a lot of lighting and editing that happens on photos where there looks like there is NOTHING! I was some what astonished. To top it all off, was embracing the model, giving her full direction to gain control of the shoot and embracing any characteristic that made the model ‘unique’. Needless to say I learnt so much. I walked away from this shoot inspired and so excited.

Turns out Melanie is also getting married, and I am pretty pumped to be photographing this beautiful girl’s big day! Weird how things work out!


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