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Shannon and I have been talking about this shoot for eons. There is no one I could have pictured playing the role of my Diva better than her. Shannon was made for this shoot and her images prove it. We had the gown, the accessories, the assistant (Lindsay Hood – girl you’re amazing!) and the PERFECT venue – the Red Piano. We headed over on a weekday morning to rock it out. It was one of the few times I have ever shot with strictly a soft box for lighting, and I will tell you THIS – it was HARD. I am so used to using and manipulating natural light – that being faced with only a light source was trying.

This session was truly awesome – especially crawling around the Red Piano while people were eating lunch. Seriously – we felt like rock stars.

Not only do I want to showcase the beauty of Shannon, she is also a talented singer who lives here in Edmonton. I asked her a few questions so that I could really share WHO she is. She may be beautiful, kind and smart – but she is also incredibly talented. Enjoy all!

1. When did you start singing? who inspired you? Who continues you inspire you? What are some of your greatest accomplishments singing?
I honestly can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t singing. If you were to ask my parents however, they would tell you that I wasn’t always as good at it as I thought I was :). I always loved to belt it out to any of my moms favorite 80’s artists as well as the famously cool Dance mixes 92 through 96! Singing was never inspired by one particular artist or person for me. I loved anything Celine Dion when I was young and I absolutely adore Christina Aguilera now. Apart from role models in terms of singing I was inspired mostly from life experiences. Singing and writing got me through some of the most difficult times in my life such as the loss of my father. Without that type of release Im not really sure where I would be now. My greatest accomplishments would have to be opening for girlicious and akon, singing for a charity show called Santa’s Kids, and a song I did with a local Edmonton Artist called “Always Care” that got some radio airplay.

2. What motivates you to sing?
I am motivated to sing by my love to perform ( I like being the centre of attention, I won’t lie :P) I adore getting up on stage in front of a few or a lot of people and just going for it. There is no better confidence boost than an audiences positive reaction.

3. Any inspirational words to those who may find themselves in your shoes some day?
As for inspirational words, I would definentely say confidence. This is actually an area I sometimes lack in. Believe that you are amazing and you will be. If you hold back or tense up you will never deliver your best performance. It has taken me a long time to figure this out. I would avoid hitting really big notes for fear that I would miss it or crack or something but when you really go for it, it feels so good and the response is worth it!

4. Anything else you can tell us??
I am fairly certain that I was meant to be born in the 1920’s. This shoot let me live that dream. I am all about fringe, feathers, and red lips! The music, the vibe, and the style scream Shannon. If I could go back in time, that is where I would be.


And just a few fun ones….why? Oh because I can!

Hahahah Shannon you’re a doll.

And here is my AMAZING assistant – who seriously made this session possible. Thank you Lindsay!!

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