I Just Want To Love You – An Edmonton Wedding Photographic Experience

Santana and Bryan, what a day!! From crazy limo drivers, rushing around all morning and the chilly chilly weather I can’t thank you all enough for the great day. You both were amazing and had such fun bridal parties. I absolutely love the photos we managed to capture today, even if it involved numerous trips to the limo to warm up, borrow socks and combat boots.

briansantanawedding 001.jpg
briansantanawedding 002.jpg

briansantanawedding 005.jpg
briansantanawedding 006.jpg
briansantanawedding 008.jpg

briansantanawedding 003.jpg

briansantanawedding 007.jpgbriansantanawedding 004.jpg

briansantanawedding 009.jpg

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