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While down in Louisiana for a workshop I had the pleasure of taking photos of a fellow photographer, Jayme and her husband Lucas. We didn’t quite know where we wanted to take photographs, so we just jumped into the car and left for an adventure. We casually drove down back roads looking for the perfect spot, Jayme being a photographer as well, I was quite confident that the spot would just ‘jump’ out. Well, no word of a lie this spot did. It was rows upon rows of beautiful trees just beginning to blossom, we had a crystal clear night so the setting sun and beams of light would just cut through the branches. It was such a stunning spot. It stood out from all the other pastures around us. The only problem was that it was a fenced in area, and well, Louisiana is a conceal and carry state – so needless to say that trespassing was to an issue. But! It didn’t stop the photos from happening!

One thing I can say, is that Jayme and Lucus are made for each other, the way they can finish each other’s sentences, they have so many cute little inside jokes, and they act like newly weds – even having been married for a few years now. Its a pure and utter joy to photograph people in love, especially when they aren’t afraid to show it. Thank you Jayme, for giving me the honour of photographing you both!

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