Just Gotta Tie My Shoe – Edmonton Engagement Photography

The first time Yazmin emailed me about her engagement shoot, I could feel the energy and excitement in her words. It transferred and made me so incredibly excited! Naturally mother nature bared down on us that first weekend and we were forced to reschedule. Then came the weekend we were rescheduled for, and we both swore, come snow, rain or sun we were going to shoot. We were graced with -25 weather, which well, we took it and ran with it! We started off the session at the Hotel McDonald in Down Town Edmonton to catch the sleek classy side of Yazmin and Shawn, Shawn even sported suspenders! From there we went out into the elements where we got to capture the sweet and cute side of this incredibly romantic couple.  You may wonder, why the title of this album, well one of my favourite questions for couples is, HOW did you get engaged, and Yazmin’s response was incredibly cute. She coyly looked down, laughed, smiled and looked at Shawn with big eyes filled with love, she told me how it was New Years eve, and she honestly thought he was just tying his shoe laces when he looked up and asked for her hand in marriage.





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