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I’ve never met someone as sweet and giggly as Kaitlynn before. From the minute I joined her and her bridesmaids the morning of her wedding, she was just filled with happy bubbly laughs. I loved how she surprised her Dad when he saw her for the first time, and all of her small personal touches with the wedding details. She truly made the day memorable with so many DIY touches. I loved being able to meet so much of her family, you really got to see how important they are to her. Including wearing her Grandma’s headband throughout the day. Everything had meaning. After a beautiful ceremony we skipped out to Travis’ family home where we were welcomed in for a quick lunch before we went outside to brave the elements for photos.

They were married on a brisk day in February in Vermilion. Everywhere I looked there was deep snow, and more snow. There is something to be said about a long dirt country road, how it seems endless and you just never know what you’ll find. Travis being a farm boy, I figured it was perfect. I loved the country, loving feeling I got from this wedding. It still leaves me smiling as I write this.

The reception was no different, and didn’t go over looked. It was the first time I had ever seen a popcorn buffet. My second shooter Katrina and I were in heaven when we arrived. There were literally garbage bags filled so everyone helped themselves (and maybe one extra for the drive home!). Everything had that good ol’, country love feeling.

Thank you so much Travis and Kaitlynn for having me there to be apart of your day! I had an absolute blast working with you.

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