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We met Kristen when we photographed, Ellen, one of her bridesmaids, wedding the previous year. Kristen is the quirky, always wearing a smile girl that everyone loves and gets along with. You can’t help but be drawn to her and join in on the laughing. Jon is calm, collected and has such an amazing sense of humor, and one thing that was evident, in *every* single shoot we did of these two, it’s that when he looks at his now wife, nothing but love pours out of him.

St Lucia, although beautiful proved to be one of the toughest destination weddings of my life. The week of, I suffered from a major allergic reaction on my legs from sand fleas, which left me swollen and insanely itchy. Secondly, the LIGHT, SO beautiful, but oh my goodness was it challenging. We were on a cove and the ocean acted as a natural reflector pouring light into every area of the resort. It forced me to use off camera flash, and work with light like I never had. At the end of the wedding, sweaty, sandy; I felt so inspired. It felt great to be challenged to extreme levels and frightened by my surroundings. It was such a rush! Geeky? I know!

The day of the wedding it was sweltering hot. I have never felt humidity and heat like that day in St Lucia. We were so lucky to have such a great wedding party, who laughed and put up with our shenanigans the entire day. We dashed in and out of air conditioning, chasing the shade and finding great locations.

The wedding was held at Smugglers Cove, in a small gazebo over looking the ocean. The reception was a small private dinner on the sand, where we all enjoyed the beautiful sound of local music.

Thank you so much for having us be apart of your day in St Lucia Kristen and Jon, and also to the wonderful life long friends we made!

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