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I traveled out to Laura and Steven’s small town, about an hour and a half east of Edmonton. I was lucky enough to get to take photos on the family farm. It was filled with small gems and I absolutely love places like this. Normally I am risking my life knocking on farmer’s doors, or jumping barbed wire fences, hoping and praying I don’t get caught; you get the idea. So to be able to take photos, without life risk makes me super happy!

These two were so cute and literally game for everything. They were so chill and calm with each other. Something I love about the couples we seem to work with – always calm. Super chill factor. We laughed a lot – and even made them climb into a rusted out, dirty flipped upside down car. That’s how chill they were!

Looking forward to their wedding next summer, to see that blue eyed, blonde beautiful woman walk down the aisle to that cute, quiet guy. Enjoy!

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