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I get a lot of emails concerning my lifestyle and conceptual sessions and sometimes they are tough questions – other times they are just really repetitive so I figured it was time to address the masses and let you all know in more than a quick status update.

Question: How do you choose your models?
When I have a concept in mind it means I also have a model in mind. I don’t know who she is but it is my goal to find this girl. Sometimes I have requirements, such as long hair – but always my concepts come in the form of a photo in my head. I can see the model, the clothes and the location it is just a matter of finding the model. This is why I ask volunteers to change their photos on Facebook. I agree your little girl is the cutest little girl on earth, but sometimes it’s all about how YOU look. If I think you have the right look I will chat with you a bit about the concept to see if you think you are the right fit or you can act it out. Modelling is like acting – you need to get into character to get the full effect. You need to feel it and believe it.

Question: Why don’t you work with plus sized models?
Who says I don’t? I work with every shape and size of model. I don’t prefer to make a call out saying “I am looking for plus sized only”. I hate that word. No girl should be classified as “plus” or “regular numbers”. It’s silly. I don’t want to make girls feel obviously “plus sized”. I figure if you think I don’t work with plus sized I must be doing something right. If I say I am looking for a girl comfortable in her skin, you can bet your best penny on it that I will ask you to show a bare back, stomach and shoulders.

Question: What do I wear for a session?
Well this one is pretty easy for me to explain. Wear what you are going to feel good in. Wear what is going to reflect you. Ladies – do be aware that if your pants are too tight and your shirt is tight too – and you are nervous about your midsection – it will show in photos. Wear to be COMFORTABLE. Wear to feel GOOD. I always suggest dark jeans and a shirt you love – go crazy, invest in some accessories. Always and I can’t stress this enough – stay within your comfort zone. When you are uneasy and you are always wondering ‘Does this look good?’ it will photograph into your photos. When you book your photographer you need to trust them, we are there to make you look good. That is my goal. If you feel awkward, it looks great – trust me. Stay away from Khakis, turtle necks, Birkenstocks and really busy prints.

Question: What should I do for hair and makeup?
Just this one time ladies, go out and get your hair and makeup done. It’s okay to feel beautiful for your session – and trust me, it will make YOU feel better about having photos done.

Question: Where are the photos going to be?
I always try to help scout locations for sessions. Do be aware however, that at the end of the day – this is up to you. I love helping, exploring and suggesting but your photos need to reflect you. I don’t know what you want, but if you suggest I will try my hardest to find it. Try to have an idea, even as simple as ‘nature’ or ‘modern (brick, chrome cement)’. It helps!

Question: How long are sessions?
Usually between 60 and 90 minutes.

Question: Will you do my session for free?
When I win the lottery I most certainly will!!!

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