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If there is one thing I notice a ton when photographing couples, it’s how comfortable they are with each other, who is the worrier, who is the one that keeps everything calm and moving forward, and who is the jokester. I can honestly say that this couple radiated love for one another. Lisa is truly the love of Darrel’s life, and he showed it by doing whatever she asked of him, including engagement session photos on his day off, when the sun was high and I am sure there was some sport on TV.

We headed to the Muttart in down town edmonton to catch some beautiful cherry blossoms while they were still alive and well. For anyone who is not familiar with Edmonton Alberta it’s that we only get the blossoms for maybe 2 weeks maximum. So needless to say all of us photographers go into a blossom frenzy photographing them.

Lisa, from the bottom of my heart you are one of the kindest and most genuinely beautiful women out there. You’re beauty is natural, from within and something that so many envy. Darrel you’re such a patient and loving man, you could see it the entire photo session, just in your actions and motions with your wife to be.

I am sad that I can not be there on your wedding day, however I know you are in excellent hands. Wishing you both the very best, and have a beautiful day when you are down in the Dominican!

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