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I can’t even remember all the mornings that I wake up with a feeling of utter dread – being forced to roll out of bed by my annoying alarm clock. I have to sit and put my mind into action – all I do is repeat over and over ‘GET TO THE GYM’. I manage to waddle myself over to the gym where I will put my runners on and like a hamster I haul on the treadmill. I’m not going to lie, during wedding season it’s even more hard to stay dedicated and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some days I just don’t have any drive to get through the day, let alone work out.

Meet my inspiration to stay motivated, to stay active and that with the power of dedication you can do anything with your body. Jaquie is a mother of two, a university student and full time wife. She honestly does it all, and does it maintaining a healthy life and living clean. Every time I doubt myself I will look at these photos and go all for it – because seeing someone so beautiful, confident and strong is powerful. Thank you Jaquie for having the confidence in me to try out some fitness photography – you truthfully are stunning.


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