mattison+matt | edmonton engagement photography

Aw Matt and Matty….the first time I met this couple was just for a ‘lifestyle’ session, because they were in love and needed some photos to show case that. Fast forward a few months, and there is suddenly an engagement ring and a wedding. I was blessed that they asked me to be their wedding photographer. I got along so well with this couple, and the conversations we had the first, and well second time, left me laughing the entire time. We all seem to have that dark twisted humour that makes the time go by so quickly.

Mattison told me the theme for their wedding is like Disney Land fantasy, but without the mouse ears. So for their engagement session they didn’t just my usual meadow or out doors photos, although they like it, they wanted something a bit more. I am always up for a challenge and always want to give my clients what they’re after. Well, at least try!

So the St. Albert Botanical garden is what came to mind. This spot is so magical (to me!) at night! With soft glowing light, the old English rose garden, and row upon row of flowers. You can’t go wrong. Although rain tried to scare us off, a few minutes waiting in the car proved to be the winning choice. As the clouds parted we were welcomed by beautiful sun shine. Thank you again Matt and Matty! Can’t wait for your wedding day!!!

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