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Shawn is apart of a photo that will go down in JFY history. It was one of our first weddings, it was Kim and Curt’s wedding. Many of you will know her as the bride in the photo, sitting in an orange chair on a gravel road. Remember? Shawn was in Curtis’ bridal party, and they managed to pull off one of the greatest group photos ever – walking down the gravel road looking all gangster like. Mind you I think most of these guys were fuelled by ‘soda’ from the limo…either way epic photo.

At the reception on our way out Shawn pulled me aside to chat travel and photography. First great sign? All he could do was brag up the photography skills of Melissa, his girlfriend, and how she managed to capture amazing images while they traveled the globe. He couldn’t stop – that’s all he wanted to do was to show me how awesome she was, in graphic, arm talk ways. It was pretty funny for a sober person.

Either way – I was so stoked when the stars aligned and I was able be apart of this couple’s big day. For the record, Melissa’s photos ARE amazing.

We photographed this e-session in the dying hours of light on Halloween last fall – it was beautiful and I still love these photos. The laughs and smiles are so natural – they made this photographer’s job so easy.


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