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For some odd reason our weekend in Banff was plagued with really bad timing. Generally you can drive across Banff’s main street in 10 minutes, and that would be hitting every single red light. Well on the Saturday we were there – try 45 minutes. It was an absolute gong-show. We were scheduled to meet up with Adam and Shannon at the Bow Valley falls – bad idea Becky, really bad idea. There was ZERO parking, NONE. People began parking at the golf course and walking – not to mention I think 80% of Canada was in Banff that weekend, at that exact location. We bailed quickly on location Bow Valley Falls – next stop? Lake Louise. We thought we could out smart all these people. We started driving to Morraine Lake – cars were whizzing past us – we figured SUCCESS everyone was leaving to go have dinner!

We are now a solid 1.5 hours behind at this point due to driving.

We thought we were in the clear until we found out there was a guy who put his car in the ditch trying to turn his vehicle around on the road to Morraine Lake. Now if anyone reading this has ever driven on a mountain road you’ll understand how it’s doable. Did we enjoy it? No. We were 2km away from our ideal location for shooting and it was a dead end. No one could get in, no one could get out. We are now jammed between motorhomes, vehicles and trucks trying to turn around – so are Adam and Shannon. We are now on ‘operation wing it’ and are now about 2 hours behind schedule.

We drove past this awesome water fall on the way down the mountain. I spotted a walk in trail – STOP THE CAR. Shooting there. Totally worth it! Anyone want to come back to Banff and do a Trash The Dress in this mini-waterfall/creek? Let me know.

Curious to know how long it took us to get down the mountain after an hour of frantic shooting? Tune in for the next blog post….

Oh – there was also a bear warning on for the whole time we were there – needless to say I thought I was going to be eaten while taking this ring shot.


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