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One of the best parts of being a photographer is being able to show the world the scenes of madness that go on in your head. I love to do conceptual shoots – especially those which make you think. What is a photo if you aren’t drawn in, if you aren’t left wanting more? Lately I have been drawn towards pairing the beautiful with the ugly – I love contrast. This shoot was shot a very long time ago but sadly kept getting bumped for my other clients.

I never did see Black Swan – this entire shoot was inspired by being able to borrow a full length mirror. To me, ballet is an ancient craft based on beauty and grace. Women learn to be so light yet they are on their tip-toes on blocks of wood. They are effortless in their motions and they appear to float. I paired such a beautiful scene with the dirty and ugly parkade of down town Edmonton. I fell in love with the results. To me they are two amazing contrasting elements, and the mask is something to symbolize how you can always find something beautiful in the oddest places, you just have to look below the surface.

It may not make sense to many, but this is why I am always asking for models. I will have an idea in my head that I want to put out there to photograph. I see all of this session in my head before I even take a camera out. Sometimes the model will inspire ideas, or the location – but always I have a base started. I wish I could work with everyone who volunteers for my sessions, but the girls I choose are always the ones who I think will be able to best play the part of the model in my head.

I know, my brain is twisted. Here is Lauren in my twisted, contrast filled session. She was such a trooper and did this all in below zero weather.

This above image is one of my favourites that I have ever shot. Why – I love the composition, the direction of light, the models expression and pure ease, the shadow and the reflection in the mirror/window. I am a stickler for detail.

Pt.2…With less snow to come

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