pride and joy| edmonton engagement photographer

Meet Candace and Greg – one of my stellar 2011 wedding couples. This session was easy – especially after we postponed our first attempt at an engagement session when Edmonton decided to snow on us. We hit the jack-pot with this day. Sun, breeze and a whole lot of love. I love when couples have passions or interests that they share – it makes the photos more personal – and they will reflect you both. Greg and Candace frequent Blues On Whyte (A super cool pub I might ask) so we decided to head on down to Whyte Ave to catch some photos. I do warn you though, Blues on Whyte is much harder to find in broad day light, without a few cold beverages in you.

Candace also purchased Greg’s guitar for him, so this shoot featured his two favourite things in the world; his woman and his guitar. Very excited for this couple’s wedding day. Enjoy!

If you are interested where the song title came from – check out Stevie Ray Vaughn – one of my FAVOURITE artists of all time.


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