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Well I am not going to lie – I scratched off ‘Photograph wedding in pouring rain’ after Kelsey and Colin’s wedding. I will never forget walking into Shampoo, the salon down town, and finding Kelsey not too happy. Rightfully so – it was pouring, literally pouring outside. There was no hope of photos outside and we went into back up mode. It wasn’t just the formal photos that were in deep water (haha I made a funny) but the ceremony was outdoors. There was no tent and no back up plan. What to do? Well first things first the girls headed over to the Shoe Company where they bought out every single pair of rubber boots. There next step was making sure ever single girl had an umbrella. They were SET.

Not quite.

You know how they say bad things happen in 3’s? Well on Kelsey’s wedding day I think it happened in sets of five because between the brides maids getting into an accident, running 30minutes late or Kelsey getting beer on her dress it just didn’t seem to stop. It seemed like bad luck was on Kelsey’s side and the wedding was kind of going sideways.

Enter in when Kelsey walks down the isle to a man who literally had eyes for no one else. The whole time you could tell he just wanted to keep it together to see that gorgeous bride. Well needless to say – I have never seen two people look at the  one another the way these two do. Their smile is meant for one another and no one else. It honestly brought a tear or two to my eye, which could have also been mistaken as rain. You two make each other smile, you make each other happy. Colin – I wish you could have seen her reaction when she read that card. You knew that’s when these two were a match made in heaven.

Someone knew Kelsey was getting married that day, because as soon as family photos ended so did the rain. Kelsey’s favourite colour is green and I can say – the trees and the grass radiated green. Someone made it happen that day – and it was perfect.

Thank you both for spending an amazing day with us. Here are just a few images from what I captured. There were way too many (over 1200 actually) for me to choose from alone. Wishing you both nothing but happiness for the years to come. Also, hands down to Colin’s groomsmen for delivering THEE greatest toast. It was hard to photograph people when laughing so hard.








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