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One of my worst fears as a photographer is rain. I truly dislike how it can put a damper on a wedding day (Ba-zing!) Joking aside, I hate having to battle the unknown that is the weather. When I was in Mexico for Gen and Paul’s wedding back in November I got to witness another wedding, Shar and Chris’. It was by pure fluke but I was sitting in the lobby of the Ocean and Turquesa by H10 resorts, when I saw Shar walk down the aisle. Unfortunately the day of their wedding it was pouring rain and they were forced inside. I told my partner in crime for that wedding, Courtney, how bad I felt that they were forced inside for their big day when they came all the way to Mexico for their wedding.

Granted having spoke to them both, they both expressed how that was the least of their concerns on the wedding day, they just wanted to be together and get married. Although, by chance Courtney and I ended up eating lunch right behind them at the buffet. Being the social butterfly I am (sarcasm!) I told them how we watched the ceremony, felt horrible their photos were done inside, and we both offered our services for a free trash the dress session.

Well you guys I’m sure can put the rest of the story together! These two battled the waves, poor Shar even got salt water in her eyes, and poor Chris got rolled a few times in the waves. Needless to say the quick hour was a blast that we had in the morning. Thank you both for the laughs and putting up with my crazy antics!

Here are the beautiful photos, photographed at the Ocean Turquesa!

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