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I caught myself smiling as I made the photo collages for this blog post. It truly was one of the funnest, and most heart warming weddings I have photographed.

When you meet Shaun and Melissa (Missy) you can’t help but feel like an instant friend. They are kind, caring and so considerate. I remember sitting at their reception, and looking around to each and every guest, noticing that they all wore the biggest smiles. Every. Single. One. I knew why; because these are two people who would do anything to help another human. They are the type of couple who will leave an ever lasting impact on lives and this world, through love and kindness. I just can’t say enough.

When I met Shaun, he was attending, and part of another wedding we photographed. He chatted my ear off about his girl friend, her amazing qualities and how he was going to marry her some day. I had only met Melissa momentarily when she came and ‘saved’ me from Shaun that night, but low and behold, Shaun was true to his word, and he did marry that girl.

He makes her smile, and her smile is one of the most beautiful and sincere smiles you will ever see. They have traveled the globe together, and care so much for family. Their entire day was personalized, including cakes tops from pervious parent wedding, lace from a Mother’s wedding gown…SO MUCH thought and love went into this day.

Shaun and Melissa, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of your day.

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