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When I first met Alex and Andrew – I knew they meant business. Alex contacted me after reading one of my blogs where I insisted that clients NEED to meet their photographers. No matter how well you think you may know them via Facebook or the Blog – to me personally – it shows how much they care when they are willing to meet with you, talk about your day and see if they are the right fit. I don’t insist just to the clients, but also for myself. I have given up many weddings simply because I don’t believe I am the right fit for their wedding. I am not going to book clients based just on the money – if how they describe their day, the photos they show you for inspiration, or just their personalities don’t match up with yours, it makes for a long day – and even worse it could affect your images.

Alex – she’s the cutest thing ever. Andrew? Equally cute and handsome. One thing that they have a lot in common? How much they love each other. From the first meeting I knew these two were great people, and fun. Alex expressed that they had a tight timeline the day of their wedding – pfft! No problem – just meant we were going to have to rock it. I am SO excited for their day – and their E-session just made it that much better. From crawling through knee deep snow, to just plain freezing their butts off – they couldn’t have looked any better.

Can’t wait until August to see the big day!!


I absolutely LOVE her eye colour!

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