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From the minute I sat down to chat with Mike and Heather about their big day, it always felt like I was sitting with friends. We managed to chat for over an hour at our first consultation. We managed to find so much we all had in common, and it was easy to get to know them. They treated me like a friend from the beginning and I felt so at ease with both of the. One of the greatest hi-lights for me (and yes I know it’s lame) is that Mike purchased the diamonds for Heather’s engagement ring from the same diamond mine I worked at – this instantly made him the coolest groom yet. Not to mention the ring was drop dead gorgeous.

There is something to be said about a couple who not only are your clients but feel like friends. They’re the friends on your Facebook who ask how your day is going, let you know the little tid-bits about planning, how their life is going and feel comfortable enough to ask questions, and ask for advice. It is beyond flattering to be trusted that much. Which is why we took Mike and Heather to a totally different location – a corn field. Like a legitimate, on the side of the hi-way corn field. I had so much fun, and I like to think Heather and Mike did as well. From laughing, cracking inappropriate jokes and bugging Mike about his neon shoe collection my sides ached from laughing so much. Thank you both for the amazing evening, and even managing to hold the poses when the RCMP drove by wondering what on earth we could be doing. Needless to say I think the large cameras let the officer know and he drove on past.

I am beyond excited for your wedding day next June, and it was hard to narrow down just a few photos from this session. Mike you make Heather laugh and giggle on command, and to me it just shows how much you both love each other when it’s just that easy to laugh together.



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