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Danica and I have teamed up so many times – I have honestly lost count. The best part about working with her? Is that she is SO diverse. She can be sweet and innocent or she can play the darkest character you can think of. THAT is what I love. I am known as a wedding photographer, but I was dying to do this shoot. The theme came out a bit darker than anticipated but I love it none the less. My inspiration on this one? Go see ‘O’ in Las Vegas by Cirque. AMAZING. I don’t want to say much more as I think the photos evoke enough emotion. You get the heeby-geebies but you can’t help but want to keep looking.


A HUGE THANK-YOU to Ashly Mckessock who provided Makeup and Tiffany P. for assisting on this session. You guys are the reason this session rocked!

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