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After being inspired in Louisiana I decided it was time to embark on specializing JFY and creating a brand that reflects the photography I love and crave to photograph. I have been working like a mad woman lately to put together, imagine, create and collect props that I could use to help rebrand who JFY is. Some of you have probably noticed, some may have not. I believe this has always been the direction I have wanted to go, but needed the final kick in the butt to truly make it a success.

Stefanie volunteered herself and boyfriend Ryan for a couple’s shoot when I posted it on Facebook. She was one of the first to email me and we were on our way. I have noticed there has been a Barrhead invasion with JFY, which is so awesome (Stefanie is from Barrhead, and a lot of my clients lately come from there as well!). So we headed out to the West end of Edmonton and found a random field; not just any field, a random one. My favourite kind.

I knew from the look on Stefanie’s face while we were shooting it was a whole lot of, “what have I gotten myself into?”. And it’s true, I would think the same thing. I had them laying on their backs, on a cold spring night, with grass and twigs stabbing them in the back, looking up at this crazy photographer going ‘1,2,3!’ – smile! I kept telling her though, “trust me!”. With the help of Ryan, who could make her smile at the drop of a hat, could hold her to keep her warm, and just outright knew how to love her in front of the camera – we walked away with exceptional photos. Hearing from Stefanie that night after the first photo went up, and her letting me know that it was awesome how the photos turned out so great even if they did feel awkward was the icing on the cake.

I have always said I love photographing people in love, and it truly makes it so easy with a couple like Stefanie and Ryan; the love was obvious, blatant and passionate.

On a side note, welcome to the new face of JFY’s blog!

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