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Tianna called me on a whim, she needed a wedding photographer, and she literally needed to know the day she called me. It all worked out, it fell into place. I was headed back to Tulum Mexico, to the Dreams Tulum to photograph this gorgeous wedding. Tegan and Tianna are one of the sweetest couples I have ever photographer. Tegan just makes you laugh your butt off, and I couldn’t help but have a great time with them the whole time. There wedding was stunning, Tianna put so much into her day, making everything was absolutely perfect. It was such a gorgeous day it could not have gone better.

Something not many people know is that the vast majority of the destination weddings that I have photographed, I have done it on my own. That was until this year. This year I was very lucky to have people travel with me and photograph the wedding as my second. Tianna and Tegan’s wedding I had to shoot alone just due to the short notice of booking I couldn’t locate a second. For everyone who says that destination weddings are just a vacation, you have no idea. When you are running from room to room, photographing as much as you can, literally running circles around the ceremony site carrying two camera bodies, the sweat is actually running down your back and trickling down your arms – you would change your mind. Destinations are beautiful, and I am so inspired, however never think that it is easy. Is it worth every drop of sweat? Without doubt.

Here is a beautiful wedding, from the beaches of Tulum, filled with stunning accents of purple and yellow.

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