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I will be the first to admit, that my brain works in a way that I can’t always explain. So often I am asked by others, ‘How do you just ‘see’ it?’ and the answer is, ‘I don’t always know’. So often I have to stand for a minute at my session, close my eyes and I see the images come across my eyes. I SEE it always before I shoot it. When I’m inspired, I see the shoot. I can see the model, I can see it all.

I get it, I’m weird.

Music is one of my greatest inspirations, the lyrics, the music and the flow all inspire and spark something different in me.

This shoot is based off the video by Taylor Swift, Safe and Sound. So many of the lyrics seemed symbolic to me, and I knew how I could interpret it in images. From the setting sun representing my ‘Darling everything’s on fire’, to the male model comforting and holding our female model for ‘I remember you said don’t leave me here alone’. The lyrics became IMAGES to me. I can’t even explain now in words – but I knew I could with photo. I knew when I saw this location that it held and represented so much, and so many similarities to the actual music video. The large dead tree represented my arena (from the book), the old weather vane in the back representing the mining district. It just ALL came together. I was SO happy with the results.


That is photography to me.

I can’t say enough about our amazing models and designer. I knew when I saw Josie, our female model, that she fit perfect. Our amazing makeup artist enhanced her natural beauty so well. Our male model, Shelby, was the perfect fit and look for our shoot. Thank you so much to Trisha Pasnak for constructing the dress from scratch, and making it PERFECT for my vision.

Models: Josie/Shelby
MUA: Mookie Salinas Makeup Artistry
Dress Designer: Trisha Pasnak

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