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You know when you meet a couple that goes together like ying and yang? Black and white? Peas and carrots? well that was Tiff and Ritchie.

There wedding was a mixture of romance, modern and a whole lot of little details which as an absolute joy for me to photograph. I could not expect any less than detail orientated, master controller and astounding fellow photographer Tiffany (Tiffany P Photo). Tiffany had a vision and she managed to pull it off, regardless of weather, stressed out groom or obstacle. The thing I noticed most about this wedding, was EVERYTHING was part Tiffany or Ritchie – or both! From concert ticket stubs, colours of her shoes, their monogramed shoes – everything was about THEM. The coolest part? Was they made their own movie trailer. Legit.

Tiffany also handed me the world’s largest and hardest obstacle for me to leap over. Tiffany and Ritchie met at a movie theatre, which meant it was only fitting that they were married in one. This is a super awesome idea, except I am a natural light photographer. Insert where I learn in a very short amount of time how to shoot with soft-boxes, and only soft boxes. Thank you Tiffany for making me learn! We got some really awesome and fun photos from it!

There is not enough adjectives in this world for me to describe these two and how much they love one another. From making their love work through thick and thin, to how Tiffany can just make faces at Ritchie and get a smile. These two are meant to be together and it was a wonderful day of celebrating!


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